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MSHR › MDN › #558 2 weeks ago
Merge pull request #93 from 'wence/zany-element-degrees'
* wence/zany-element-degrees:
  Use valid degrees in tests for Argyris/Morley
  Don't accept None as degree for Argyris etc...
  Register Bell, whitespace for Argyris
  Fix for Argyris -- 5th order on triangles only
  Accept 2 as valid degree for Morley
  WIP: accept all degrees 3 or greater for Hermite
Merge pull request #96 from pefarrell/hermite-1d
* pefarrell/hermite-1d:
  Hermite makes sense in one dimension.
Merge pull request #92 from 'fw/cd-grouping-fix'
* fw/cd-grouping-fix:
  only store one set of coordinate derivatives
  make sure that the derivatives that were stripped were all the same
  fixed a bug where the integral grouping interfered with the coordinate derivatives
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Build Completed Code commits Tests