dijitso docker
Tests: Testless build
Duration: 44 seconds
Changes: No changes
Manual run by Johannes Ring
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Tests: 10 passed
Duration: 3 minutes
Changes: Who: Chris Richardson
Why: A couple of tweaks to help prevent some clashes

Who: Chris Richardson
Why: Merge branch "chris/fix-caching-problem" into jan/fix-move-file

Who: Jan Blechta
Why: Attempt fixing repeated failures on CircleCI
When _lockfree_move_file is called with recurse=True, it is backing
up destination file with different contents. But the check the source
file (the old destination file in this context) is not appropriate,
because other process could have already created the new destination
file in the mean time.

Who: Chris Richardson
Why: Remove need for uuid in old file

Who: Jan Blechta
Why: Python extensions should be now built by fenics-build command