DOLFIN docker
Tests: 1598 passed
Duration: 85 minutes
Changes: Who: Jack S. Hale
Why: If MeshFunction drops out of scope then Map to Array is garbage collected. Attempt at fix.

Who: Jack S. Hale
Why: Missing namespace.

Who: Jack S. Hale
Why: Merged in jackhale/fix-meshfunction-memory-leak (pull request #518)
Jackhale/fix meshfunction memory leak
Changes by Jack S. Hale and Jack S. Hale
DOLFIN docker (next)
Tests: 2469 passed
Duration: 81 minutes
Changes: Who: Lawrence Mitchell <>
Why: Remove reliance on numpy.matrix
Squashes more deprecation warnings.

Who: Rob Kirby <>
Why: remove some code, comments

Who: Miklós Homolya
Why: Merged in miklos1/bernstein (pull request #51)
Add Bernstein element

Approved-by: Lawrence Mitchell <>
Approved-by: rckirby <>

Who: Chris Richardson
Why: Merged in chris/update-pytest (pull request #53)
updates for latest pytest

* Updates for pytest version

* Update pipelines

Approved-by: Garth Wells <>

Who: Rob Kirby <>
Why: Fix a typo and flake8

Changes by 5 people