FFC docker tsfc (next)
Tests: Testless build
Duration: 7 minutes
Changes: Who: Florian Wechsung <f.wechsung@gmail.com>
Why: initial refactoring of the integral grouping to be more intelligent about some integrals containing coordinate derivatives and some not containing them

Who: Chris Richardson
Why: Merged in chris/add-balancing (pull request #104)
Move balancing over from ffc

Approved-by: Garth Wells <gnw20@cam.ac.uk>

Who: Chris Richardson
Why: Merge branch "master" into chris/add-balancing

Who: Garth N. Wells
Why: Merged in garth/remove-old-scripts (pull request #105)
Remove old and broken scripts

Approved-by: Chris Richardson <chris@bpi.cam.ac.uk>

Who: Chris Richardson
Why: Move balancing over from ffc

Child of FFC-FFCDN-526